At 11nine Fat Bikes, we specialize in putting fat bikes on the mountain and going beyond.  If it's a fast trip down the mountain side on one of our all mountain or down hill fat bikes or an endurance paced ride on an Enduro trail - we've got one a fat bike for you.

Let us show you what it means to ride an11nine Fat Bike.


about us

ev-o-lu-tion:  noun

The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.  

Synonyms:  development, growth, advancement, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding.

re-de-fine:  transitive verb

1:  to define (as in concept) again; reformulate  2a:  to re-examine or re-evaluate especially with a view to change

Sometimes being part of the norm is fine, but what happens when that's just not good enough for you and you make a choice to redefine yourself?

11nine Fat Bikes  has chosen to do just that. Normalcy is not in our vocabulary.  We choose the words evolve and redefine to better describe what we're setting out to do with our line of fat bikes.

We're redefining the existing class of fat bikes as you currently know them.  Our goal is to give options to the fat bike community that allows the species to evolve into a top predator.

All of our fat bikes are designed for the aggressive competitor in you.  We've designed the 11nine Fat Bikesline up for you to enjoy on and off the mountain as you see fit.  If you feel the need to test fate and put yourself on the podium - then feel free to take it to the limit.